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Expert Air Conditioning Replacement in Melbourne

During hot summer months, every homeowner wants to rely on their air conditioning unit to keep their homes cool and comfortable. However, over time, your AC system may become less effective, leading to higher energy bills and decreased indoor air quality.

If your AC unit is over ten years old or constantly breaking down, it may be time to consider HVAC repairs. Upgrading to a newer, more efficient model not only saves you money in the long-run, but it also improves your indoor comfort and provides a healthier living environment.

Air conditioning repairs in Melbourne can keep your house cooler and more comfortable without waiting until your AC unit breaks down.

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    Commons Sign You Need Replacing Ducted Air Conditioning

    If you’re relying on a ducted air conditioning unit to keep your home or office cool, then it’s important that you watch out for common signs that may point to the need for a split system replacement. The truth is, that air conditioning units are not designed to last forever and, over time, they start showing signs of wear and tear.

    Here are some of the common signs you should look out for that may indicate it’s time to replace ducted air conditioning unit:

    • Your energy bills have been increasing even when you’re not using your air conditioner. This can be an indication of a malfunctioning system.
    • You hear strange noises coming from the unit, such as rattling or grinding.
    • The unit isn’t producing enough cold air, or the temperature is inconsistent throughout different rooms in your home or office.
    • Your filters are constantly clogged with dust and debris. This can lead to a decrease in efficiency over time.
    • You notice mold on the air ducts or other parts of the unit, which could be caused by a lack of air flow.
    • You’ve noticed an increase in humidity levels, which could be due to improper installation or aging parts.
    • Your unit is more than 10 years old and has not been serviced regularly. It’s important that you have your unit inspected at least once a year to ensure it is functioning properly and efficiently.

    If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s best to consult a professional for advice. A qualified technician can inspect your ducted air conditioning unit and determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired.

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    Get Split System Air Conditioner Replacement in Melbourne

    Replacing your split system air conditioner is a cost-effective solution to improving the comfort and efficiency of your home. Not only can this help you save energy costs, but it can also give you peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is staying cool and comfortable all year round. With the right unit, split air conditioner replacement can be an easy process, and it can result in a number of benefits.

    Replacing your split system air conditioner with an energy-efficient model will help you save money on your utility bills because the new unit is designed to use less electricity for the same amount of cooling power. Additionally, you may be eligible for tax credits when replacing an existing split system air conditioner with an energy-efficient model.

    Replacing air conditioner can also help you reduce noise levels in your home. Newer units come with advanced soundproofing features that minimize the amount of noise they make when running. This can be beneficial if you live in a densely populated area or have a lot of people living in the same household.

    Finally, replacing old air conditioning units can increase the life of your unit. Modern units come with longer warranties and are designed to last for many years before needing to be replaced. With this in mind, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have to replace your unit too frequently.

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    Aircon Replacement Costs

    Summertime in Melbourne can feel unbearable without a reliable ducted or split system air conditioning system to keep you cool and comfortable. If your aircon unit is showing signs of wear and tear, it might be time to consider replacing it. The cost of replacing air conditioners can vary based on a number of factors, such as the size of your home, the type of system you choose, and the complexity of the installation. While some may see aircon replacement as a costly undertaking, the benefits of upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit can actually save you money in the long run. Don’t let the thought of aircon replacement costs deter you from seeking a solution that will improve your quality of life during the hot summer months.

    Why Choose Extrordinair – Air Conditioner Replacement?

    At our company, we take pride in providing high-quality ducted air conditioner and HVAC systems for both residential and commercial buildings. We are experienced in split system replacement and have a team of experts who can help you find the perfect solution for your needs. We understand that replacing an old system can be expensive, so we strive to offer competitive prices on all of our products. Our experienced installation team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and will ensure the job is done right the first time. We are here to help you find the best air conditioning system for your home or business, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for HVAC repairs!

    If you’re in Melbourne and in need of professional multi head split system Melbourne, evaporative cooler replacement , ducted air conditioning Melbourne. we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or inquire about our services.


    A: The cost to replace an air conditioner varies based on factors such as the unit’s size, type, and installation requirements. Extrordinair offers competitive pricing, with costs ranging depending on the specific needs of your space. Contact us for a customized quote based on your unique requirements.
    A: The best choice for air conditioning vents and insulation depends on factors like your climate, budget, and specific requirements. Extrordinair can assess your needs and recommend suitable vents and insulation, considering energy efficiency and comfort. Options include adjustable vents for better airflow control and insulation with a high R-value for optimal efficiency.
    A: Optimal air conditioning duct insulation depends on factors such as climate and duct material. Extrordinair recommends insulation with a high R-value to minimize energy loss. Duct wrap, rigid board, or spray foam insulation are common choices. Our experts can evaluate your system and advise on the best insulation material and thickness for efficient and effective results.

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