Five Simple Tips to Maintain Your Ducted Air Con in 2021

Once you have an air conditioner installed in Melbourne, it is tempting to let it just do its work and forget about it unless you need to alter the settings. But even the most advanced systems can develop faults or work at less than their optimum rate if they aren’t appropriately maintained. Fortunately, there are some easy things that you can do to keep your air conditioning system at its best without having to call out a ducted cooling service in Melbourne.

Know Your Unit

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at just how many people fail to read the instructions or guidance that come with air conditioning systems. Considering how diverse the functions of each system can be and how much a household can invest in climate control, a proper read through of the information that comes with your unit is one of the best ways you can prevent issues from developing. There are also likely to be internet forums you can take a look at, where you’ll get feedback from other unit owners.

Cleaning or Replacing Filters

While every system is different, all ducted systems will have filters that must be cleaned or replaced on occasion. It is likely to be something that has been recommended by your service provider, but it is easy to forget just how much the filters absorb. Many can be cleaned with warm, soapy water (when the system is not in use!) at least once every six months or whenever your system alerts you to the need.

Sometimes, if they have been through a lot of use, they will need replacement. It is vitally important that you replace them only with those recommended by the manufacturer, otherwise, you might be risking further issues with your system as a whole.

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    Cleaning Ducts

    It isn’t just the filters that need your attention. While they certainly do a huge amount of work to keep harmful particles from entering the system, some elements might stick to your ducts. It isn’t always the most pleasant task but cleaning the ducts themselves are a great way of extending the life of your system. They aren’t as easy to replace as your filters either, so getting in there and cleaning them out is cost-effective in the long term too.

    Educate Your Family

    If you have a young family or kids who like to experiment and tinker with electronics, you might already know some of the issues that can be caused by misuse. That’s why it is important that, in addition to educating yourself on the uses and abuses of your air conditioning system, you make your family aware of how to get the best out of it. It’s tempting to try to keep it out of bounds in an effort to keep it free of interference, but that may only serve to compound the problem later on. So get your family to work out the controls and understand how to walk it back to optimum service if needs be.

    Call in a Professional!

    Finally, and most importantly, do not imagine that you can repair everything. Most air conditioning units can be quite advanced these days, and some service contractors undertake study for years to offer optimum maintenance. While it is admirable that customers have an interest in maintaining their systems, there are points at which you might actually be doing more damage than good if you don’t know what you are doing!

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