Four Major Reasons You Should Have Your Ducted Cooling System Serviced

It’s difficult to imagine how we might survive in Australia without our air conditioning units. With some of the warmest, driest conditions on the planet, they are indispensable when it comes to making our homes and business premises comfortable and hygienic. But there are still people out there who take their air conditioning for granted, and perhaps don’t realise the benefits of a professional ducted cooling service in Melbourne. Here are just four major reasons why you should invest in the service of your system.

Changing Weather

It is a fact that our weather system is in constant change. Extended periods of drought or flood can change drastically year on year. As a result, many of the systems that we use to keep ourselves protected from the worst effects of these conditions can undergo considerable strain. But most of us won’t know until it is too late if such strain has caused serious functionality problems. A professional service will be able to see how your system is bearing up and make adjustments to cope more efficiently in the future.

Outdated or Dysfunctional Components

Even if you have invested a decent amount in your air conditioning system in the past, there is always the possibility that some elements of it might already be redundant or have worn. The technology that goes into climate control changes quickly, and where some components might have been cutting edge in one decade, they might become next to useless in the next. Air conditioning contractors are constantly learning about new technology and are always in the position to offer advice on how you might improve your system.

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    Keeping it Cost-Effective

    There is little doubt that the energy that an air conditioner requires to remain functional can be substantial. Depending on the time of year, it can be one of the biggest consumers of electricity or ducted heating unit replacement and show up as a significant percentage of your energy bill. It’s true, also, that older systems will take up more energy and sometimes offer less functionality in return, and yet there are still people who would rather pay more in the long term than have the expense of aircon maintenance service in the short term.

    To be truly cost-effective, a system has to be working as it was intended and have the capacity to improve as consumer expectations change. There are many ways an air conditioning service provider can address this. They might:

    • Replace old components with new, more efficient ones
    • Clean or rewire sections of the system
    • Check how your usage can be optimised
    • Offer you the chance to completely overhaul your system in order to make savings in the future.

    Whichever solution they offer, it is always worth remembering that they aren’t salespeople, but experts in their field whose advice is always worth listening to.

    Keeping it Hygienic

    In a lot of instances, if you take off some of the outer casing of your units or replace the filters as part of your maintenance, you can actually see the particles it has managed to filter out. You might see grime or damp or various other unpleasant things and feel assured that your system is doing its job properly. But not all unhygienic elements that come through your system are visible. With a proper maintenance service, your contractor will be able to keep your system at its best so it can filter out potential unseen issues like pollen, dust mites, or mould.

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