How To Lower Electricity Bill With Our Aircon Systems

Many people associate air con systems with high electricity bills but this doesn’t have to be the case for you. That’s right; there are steps you can take to ensure your home remains at a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank. We can assist in air conditioning repair west Melbourneducted heating Melbourne & more.

Position Your Unit Away From Direct Sunlight

The first step you should take when investing in an air con system is to think carefully about where the units will be positioned. Avoid placing the unit in the path of direct sunlight or in rooms with a lot of paned glass. These areas will be hotter and require more energy from your unit, decreasing the efficiency of the system, and costing more to run.

Check window seals are intact and that all windows close properly. Just like heat can escape through poorly-fitted windows in the winter, cool air will also be lost in the summer, requiring more energy from your unit to maintain the desired temperature.

Monitor Your Usage

Just like leaving lights switched on can quickly run up your electricity bill, the same can be said for air conditioning usage. It’s too easy to have the air conditioning on twenty-four hours a day seven days a week if you live in a warm climate. Even if you have air con units in each room, they do not all have to be running at once.

Close doors between rooms to keep the cool, filtered air in and the heat out. Test the temperature outside and decide if an open window would allow enough of a cool breeze in. If you won’t be using a room for several hours, turn off the air conditioning. Giving your unit a break will mean that it’s less likely to require repairs, and you will notice the difference on your electricity bill.

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    The only exception to this is you have a very cold exposed room, and you are using your air con to heat. In this case keeping the unit on low speed might be a better solution as it can take a long time and require more power for a very cold room to heat up.

    Select an Appropriate Temperature

    Sometimes we go to extremes and setting the temperature too low can be a big mistake. Most people will feel comfortable with a temperature of between 20 and 25 degrees, but they select a temperature of 18 degrees (and may even be wearing more clothes to deal with the cool temperature!).

    Setting the thermostat a bit higher in hot weather will prevent your unit from having to work overtime, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. The same goes for colder months – if your unit is heating your space and you are wearing a T-shirt – the temperature is set too high.

    Regular Maintenance

    Keeping your aircon unit un Melbourne clean and well-maintained will ensure it runs efficiently. Checking the condenser is clear of dust and fluff outside will allow the expelled heat to pass easily, while making sure the filter is clean will mean the unit doesn’t require extra energy to run.

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    We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance once a month. Of course, if something more serious seems to be amiss, call in an expert to service your system.

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