Tips For Creating a Cooler Home Environment In 2023

With the year still fresh, it is probably a good idea to start considering a couple of home upgrades or improvements. In a warm region like Melbourne, everyone is constantly looking for great ways to cool down their homes. There are quite a few different things you can do to create a cooler home environment. In this guide, we are going to explore some of the best methods that can bring down your home’s temperature.

Install A Ducted Air Conditioning System

One of the best ways to cool down your entire home on those hot and sunny days is by installing a ducted air conditioning system. This type of AC system has a large cooling unit along with ducts that run through your entire home. When the system is turned on, warm air is extracted from all rooms and replaced with refreshing cold air. These AC systems are highly effective and noise-free and there won’t be any bulky indoor units fitted to your walls. They are also very easy to maintain and will stay in great shape for years to come.

Get An Evaporating Cooling System

Evaporating cooling Melbourne are recommended for people with asthma, sinus issues, or who might be allergic to pollen and dust. These systems are designed with a pump and filter pads that purify the air in your home while it cools down your interior temperature. These systems are also eco-friendly and cost-effective. They are an ideal solution for dry regions but can increase the humidity levels of your home quite a bit.

Get A Split System For Each Room

Split air conditioning in Melbourne units are a great solution if you only want to cool down certain rooms in your home like a bedroom or a living room. These are perfect home upgrades if you are on a tight budget because you can choose which rooms to cool down first. Split systems usually consist of indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit is usually fitted on the wall while the outdoor unit and fan is placed outside.

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    Get Your Ac Systems Serviced

    If you already have AC systems installed in your home and still struggle to cool down the temperature then it might be a good time to get these systems serviced. Maintenance tasks like replacing air filters, clearing out clogs, and topping up refrigerant levels can enhance the performance and efficiency of your cooling units and will also keep your energy bill nice and low.

    Turn On The Fans

    Turning on ceiling fans or freestanding fans in your home can be great for enhancing the efficiency of your AC systems. When the fans are running, it can circulate the cold air through the room and a larger area will be cooled down. This will keep the entire room cooler for longer so you can reduce the AC running time or so you won’t have to max out the temperature settings.

    Get Block Out Shades For Windows With Direct Sun

    When sun rays beam directly into a room, it can increase your interior temperature a lot and can make your AC systems feel like they are not functioning correctly. The best way to keep all of that excess heat from warming up your interior is with block-out window blinds or insulating window blinds. You don’t have to install these types of blinds in every window of your home. Focus on the west and east-facing windows that get a lot of direct sunlight.

    There are lots of great ways to cool down your home interior. ExtrordinAir is a great company to trust when you are looking for a new AC system for your home or if you want to maintain and repair old AC systems that might not work as well as they should.

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