Ways To Use Your Air Conditioner More Efficiently In 2024 (And When To Get A New One!)

Melbourne’s temperatures are getting pretty intense. It can be hard to get enough sleep when your bedroom is sweltering hot. These days, an air conditioning unit is a true blessing because these handy devices can convert your home from a boiling oven into a refreshing cool oasis in just a short while.

While a refreshing cool home interior temperature offers plenty of convenience, you might start to stress the moment you turn these devices on. Common or affordable air conditioning units like portable air conditioners or split units do tend to consume a lot of energy when you are constantly running them to keep your spaces cool. This can be troublesome for anyone who has to pay an expensive energy bill.

If you want to enjoy more home comfort without spending a fortune on energy this year, then it is time to start using your AC unit more efficiently. Let’s take a look at some of the best strategies.

01. Service Your Air Conditioner

If the air conditioner is all clogged up or if it is out of gas, it won’t cool down interior spaces effectively. This can mean a much longer running time without many results. Air conditioners that are all clogged up with dust and grime also tend to run warmer and can consume a lot more energy. The air filter on an air conditioner should be replaced every six months, and refrigerant levels will require occasional top-ups.

Getting your air conditioning service is one of the very best things you can do if you want more efficiency from your current unit.

02. Consider a More Energy-Efficient Unit

If your air conditioner is still using a lot of energy despite being serviced, then it might be time for a new unit. Modern split-system air conditioners can effectively cool down your spaces with a lot less energy.

Alternatively, you can consider evaporative cooling systems. These types of air conditioners are renowned for their extreme energy efficiency.

03. Keep Doors and Windows Closed

It is important to close all doors and windows when you turn on the air conditioner. Warm air will constantly enter the building if the windows and doors are open. This warm air can warm up your interior spaces much quicker than the air conditioner can cool it down.

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    04. Install a Smart Thermostat and Controller

    Smart thermostats can be a huge help for saving energy. These devices allow you to set the temperature range of spaces and come with auto on and off functions. Some of these systems can even be controlled with an app on your mobile device so you can switch it on and off from a remote location.

    05. Use Sleep Mode at Night

    If you run the air conditioner at full blast through the night, you are bound to get quite a shocker when the energy bill arrives. It is much better to run your AC unit in night mode. This type of mode doesn’t use as much energy, and it often comes with auto-off functions so it won’t keep running when it gets colder later at night or when you are out of the house.

    06. Set The Right Temperature

    It can be tempting to set an AC at the lowest possible setting if you are feeling hot. This can, however, consume a lot of energy. Be mindful of the setting range. The colder the temperature setting is, the more energy will be consumed. It is better to keep it at a slightly higher temperature but still cool enough to offer relief.

    If your old air conditioner is using too much energy or if you want to upgrade to something more efficient, then you should give ExtrordinAir a call. We can help you locate the best energy-efficient home or office cooling systems and can assist with professional installation.

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