What is a Ductless Heating System?

Although summer days can be hot, winters in Melbourne can be quite cold and so an efficient heating system is essential. Split systems can be cheap and easy to install but have limited capacity and capability. For larger properties with multiple rooms, a Ductless heating system is the best choice.

What you need to know about Ductless Heating Replacement

A Ductless heating system in Melbourne comprises several components:

  • a single heating unit that is generally out of sight in the roof space or behind a panel
  • ducting that is concealed within the ceiling space and carries heated air to different parts of the property
  • vents that are positioned for best effect in each room and from which heated air emerges
  • thermostats that measure the actual temperature in each room
  • a central controller that sets the times for heating and can indicate required temperatures in different parts of the property.

Ductless heating works by using a fan to draw in air, heating it and then pushing it out through the ducts and into the various parts of the property. The air is constantly recirculated so that it never drops below the requested temperature.

Systems are powered by electricity or natural gas. They can provide heating only or be reverse cycle systems, so they heat the air in winter and cool it in summer. Such systems are ideal for ducted gas heater replacement since only the central unit and probably the controller need to be replaced. Existing ducting, vents and thermostats can stay in place and the new system will ensure full home comfort all year round.

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    Best for Large Properties

    Ductless heating systems are ideal for larger properties where they provide comfort throughout the property and, if reverse cycle systems, throughout the year also, since they deliver constant climate control. Although they are more expensive to install than split systems due to the need for ducting, they are more unobtrusive since most of the components are hidden away. They are also the only practical solution for large properties and are ideal for ductless heating unit. And, if you extend your property, additional ducting linked to the central unit will deal with that.

    At ExtrordinAir, we’ll help you make the right choice for your heating system. That will include getting the right size of system for your property — not too small so it can’t heat the rooms properly and not too large so you’re paying for something you won’t use but with a little spare capacity for possible expansion. And, with plenty of high-quality products to choose from at extremely competitive prices, there’s bound to be the right one for you.

    We’ll ensure the system is correctly installed with most components out of sight and the vents in the best place for maximum comfort. Modern systems are also extremely energy-efficient, with the ducts well insulated to reduce heat loss, and so will deliver extreme comfort at the lowest cost. That level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness will continue with a regular maintenance programme where we’ll make sure the system continues to operate at peak efficiency. As a result, your ductless system will keep you comfortable for many years to come without breaking your budget.

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