What is Ducted Gas Heating?

Melbourne homeowners understand the importance of a dependable heating system during chilly winters. That’s where gas ducted heating plays a vital role, offering affordability, energy efficiency, and versatile home heating solutions.

Gas ducted heating functions by pulling cold air, heating it using a gas heater, and then evenly distributing it throughout the house through ducts and vents. This method is regulated by a controller, switching off the heater once the desired warmth is achieved. Its energy efficiency and low consumption have made ducted gas heating a preferred choice for Melbourne’s residents.

What sets gas ducted heating apart is the option to incorporate add-on cooling, allowing temperature control throughout the year, regardless of the weather. So whether you’re contrasting ducted heating with split systems installation or exploring gas ducted heating as a new option, you’re in the right place.

How Does Gas Ducted Heating Work?

The core of a gas ducted heating system consists of several vital components, all collaborating to heat and circulate air. This central gas heating unit includes a heating unit, thermostat, insulated ducts, vents, and is often powered by natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

Cold air is drawn in, heated, and then pushed through the series of ducts. The air returns to the heater through a return air grille for repeated heating, creating a consistent temperature. Gas ducted heating systems can be installed within roofs or outside the house, and the thermostat allows temperature control.

Considering the high cost of electricity in Australia, a ducted gas heating system presents an energy and cost-effective alternative to electric air conditioning. Features like zoning, which allows control over which rooms to heat and when, adds to its efficiency.

Gas ducted heating is not influenced by external weather conditions and offers an unparalleled heating experience, setting it apart from other heating systems.

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    Why Choose Gas Ducted Heating?

    The decision to invest in a ducted gas heating system for your Melbourne home is significant, and it pays to consider all available options. Here’s a breakdown of three compelling reasons why gas ducted heating might be the right choice for you:

    REASON #1: Comprehensive Heating and Cooling Solution

    With ducted gas heating, one system efficiently tackles both heating and cooling in Melbourne’s fluctuating weather. Add-on cooling systems can be integrated into your gas ducted heating system, utilising the same ducts to distribute both cold and warm air.

    REASON #2: Quick and Affordable Installation

    Unlike other heating options, gas ducted heaters can often be installed in just a day. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces labour costs, making it an economical choice. Discover detailed installation costs here.

    REASON #3: An Economical Heating Alternative

    In Australia, where electricity is predominantly generated from coal and remains costly, ducted heating stands out as an affordable option. Though some areas may see gas ducted heating systems lagging behind others, the lower operating costs and energy efficiency make them a winning solution. Explore running costs in detail here.

    3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Gas Ducted Heating System

    With numerous gas ducted heating services in Melbourne, selecting the right one can be challenging. Consider these three essential factors to ensure the best fit for your home:

    FACTOR #1: Energy Efficiency

    Shifting to an energy-efficient gas ducted heating system is a priority for many homeowners. Look for systems rated at least 4-star or higher to maximise efficiency.

    FACTOR #2: The Perfect Size

    Consult an expert to determine the ideal size of your ducted heating system. An oversized system can lead to unnecessary costs, while an undersized system will leave you cold. Get the sizing right to ensure optimal comfort.

    FACTOR #3: Cost-Effective Solutions

    Optimise your gas ducted heating system with zoning to save money. Without zoning, you may miss the opportunity to reduce running costs by up to 50%.

    Professional Melbourne Gas Ducted Heating Services

    At ExtrordinAir, we understand that the right heating system is crucial for a cosy and comfortable home in Melbourne. With years of industry experience and expertise, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Here’s why choosing us for your gas ducted heating requirements makes sense:

    Expert Consultation and On-site Analysis

    Our seasoned professionals are equipped to provide insightful consultation, free of charge. We’ll visit your home for an on-site analysis, ensuring a heating solution that’s perfect for your space.

    Quality Installation

    With ExtrordinAir, you receive top-notch aircon installation Melbourne services for your gas ducted heating system. Our certified technicians are skilled in implementing systems efficiently, adhering to the highest quality standards.

    Tailored Solutions

    Understanding that every home is unique, we provide tailored solutions to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, or a combination of both, we have you covered.

    Reliable Support and Maintenance

    Our commitment to your comfort doesn’t end with installation. With ongoing support and regular maintenance services, we make sure your ducted heating system continues to function optimally.

    Affordable Financing Options

    Investing in a quality gas ducted heating system doesn’t have to strain your budget. With flexible financing options, we make comfort affordable.

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    Ready to experience the comfort of a gas ducted heating system tailored to your Melbourne home? Contact ExtrordinAir to schedule a free consultation with our experts. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, from choosing the right system to ongoing support and maintenance.

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