Why You Need Air Conditioning in Melbourne

In our Australian climate, having good quality air conditioning in Melbourne is a must. You might think that all an air conditioner does is cool air down, but it does so much more. During warmer, dryer months, your air conditioning unit acts as a filter; reducing the amount of dust particles, pollen and air pollution entering your home and setting off allergies and respiratory issues. During the cooler, wetter months, having a good quality air conditioning unit will reduce the risk of mould and damp developing in your home.Melbourne has a climate which flip-flops between extremes, often cycling through four seasons in one day, so having high quality air conditioning in your home is a must. Here at Extrordinair, we have twenty years’ experience in installing and servicing air conditioning and heating units. Whether you need a system installing in your home, or your business, we’ve got you covered. We offer several options for air conditioning units depending on what your individual needs are, including split system air conditioners and ducted split system air conditioners. Split system air conditioners come in two separate parts:

  • an exterior unit containing a compress and condenser, and
  • an interior unit containing an evaporator

These two units work together to expel warm air from inside the building, and blow in cool air from outside. Split system air conditioners are compact, relatively quiet, and efficient to run. In a challenging climate like Melbourne’s, it’s important to fit your home or business with a high-quality air conditioning system, keeping you comfortable all year-round.

Installing your air conditioning system is one thing, but keeping it regularly maintained is also important. Here at Extrordinair, we use our two decades’ worth of experience to install air conditioning and ducted heating systems effectively and also carry out repairs when older systems break down. There’s nothing worse than being literally left out in the cold because your heating system has broken, and you have to wait ages for someone to come out and repair it. Generally, we recommend having your air conditioning unit serviced at the start of the summer (before it gets too hot!) and your heater at the start of winter. Our servicing includes a vital carbon monoxide test, allowing you to continue to regulate your home or business’ interior temperature safely and efficiently.

So, if you need a new evaporative cooling installation in Melbourne today, or the one you have has broken down and you need someone to look at it ASAP, give Extrordinair a call. We can be reached by phone on
03 9330 0277 or by email at sales@extrordinair.com.au. We hope to hear from you soon!

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