Five of the Best Ducted Air Con Brands on the Market Now

//Five of the Best Ducted Air Con Brands on the Market Now

Five of the Best Ducted Air Con Brands on the Market Now

As the year draws on and temperatures begin to rise, you may find yourself using your air conditioning more often. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been using it very much lately, it may have developed faults that you won’t have been aware of until now. Even if faults haven’t manifested yet, it is always worth getting an understanding of what brands ducted cooling services in Melbourne use, just in case you decide it is time for an upgrade. 

These are five top brands available to engineers when you are ready to update your existing air conditioning. 


Brivis Climate Systems are a fantastic brand from Rinnai Australia that deal with all aspects of climate control. When it comes to ducted cooling, they use an evaporative central cooling unit that draws in fresh air through moistened pads before sending it throughout your home. This is actually a fairly eco-conscious way of cooling your home, making use of the natural process of using water to cool the air and filter out pollen and airborne bugs. Additionally, these units come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit different properties, so it is worth looking through their literature to see which one suits your home or building. 


Japan’s well-known tech multinational has a specific branch for air conditioning whose units often receive great praise for their durability. Their range includes the Inverter Ducted Air Conditioning system which combines two compressor control modules that make it energy-efficient and offers comfort throughout the year. It can be controlled with an optional zone controller for those that have a particular need for different temperatures in different parts of the building, making it a very versatile system. 

Actron Air

Actron Air has become something of a household name when it comes to Australian conditioning design. They pride themselves on building ducted cooling systems that are attuned to the Australian climate and they offer a range of products that are known for their versatile approach to zoning. They’ve made use of temperature sensing, zone control, and various smart technology applications so you can program your temperature at different times of day in different areas of your home. Like Brivis, they offer a warranty (5 years as opposed to Brivis’ 7-year one though), and a dedicated after-care service that offers spare parts and technical support.  


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Panasonic’s ducted air conditioning systems feature some really fun and funky innovations to make climate control easy and efficient. Along with some clever solutions to the space issues that can with new installations, Panasonic has integrated Wi-fi technology to help you control your climate digitally. But it goes further, and there is actually an option to control the large capacity airflow via voice activation. Beyond the novelty value of such a thing, this also makes Panasonic’s systems some of the most accessible to those who might have mobility issues or are not particularly tech-savvy. 


Part of Symphony Limited which has led cooling technology since 1939 the world over, Bonaire’s ducted air conditioning systems are built to suit a number of residential and commercial applications. One of their most popular systems is the Dual Cycle Heating and Cooling System which offers the best of both worlds and will offer you a one-solution system that will see you through all seasons. All can be fully controlled through one unit and zoned for refrigeration or heating depending on your requirements. 

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