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Gas Ducted Heating Melbourne

Whether you need a new heating and cooling system or you need repair and maintenance on your existing gas ducted heating unit, we can help you with all your needs.

Our experienced team can help with all types of heating cooling systems,

What Is A Ducted Heating System & How Does It Work?

Ducted gas heating allows you to heat your whole house using just one system.

The air from the outlets circulates throughout your home then passes through a return air grille and back through the heater to be warmed again. Gas ducted heating uses a heat exchanger which lets gas pass to a second fluid without them coming into contact and their purpose is to transfer heat safely. Your controller lets you set both the temperature and the rooms that you want to heat if you have zone motors connected.

How do you install ducted heating?

The installation process of gas ducted heating unit is it’s usually installed in the roof space or outside the home and is connected to a network of ducts and outlets placed in either the ceiling or the floor.

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The Benefits of Ducted Heating in Melbourne

Every house or commercial building is affected by temperature changes in different ways. You’ll find that some rooms are warmer in the morning and cooler in the evening as the sun moves which can cause some issues if you want to maintain a consistent temperature. Whilst basic heating units or home air conditioning in Melbourne can help with this, many require a bit more versatility from their air conditioning.
That’s why we provide the installation and servicing of ducted heating in Melbourne. As a provider of high quality, durable temperature solutions for over 20 years, we have worked in a myriad of different properties, including homes and commercial properties. We’re proud to offer innovative, tailor-made ducted heating service to every client, ensuring that you’re able to maintain the optimum temperature for every room. Read More

Your Next Gas Ducted Heating Installation With ExtrordinAir

At ExtrordinAir, we specialise in providing you with heating and cooling systems that lets you live and work at a comfortable temperature. We have teamed up with Panasonic, Bonaire and Brivis to bring you the best ducted heating systems, along with our great installation and service throughout Melbourne.

A gas ducted heater allows you to heat your entire house. Through the use of ducts, one system can heat your home so that you are at the right temperature, no matter how cold the weather gets outside.

The system works by bringing in the cold air and heating it. This is then sent through to all the rooms in your home using insulated ducts.

Rooms that require the heating have ducts, which are usually found on the floor or the ceiling. Once the warmed air has been pumped in through the ducts, it is then returned in through the vents and heated up again by the system when it is then returned once more to the room.

When you have a gas ducted heating installation, the system will usually be put in your roof space or outside your home. There is no need to worry that you will see the heating system inside your home, and at ExtrordinAir, we make sure we also choose the best location to install the system.

As the ducted heating system installations uses gas, you will not be using electricity to heat your home, and this can also be beneficial for the environment.

A further advantage is that this system is quiet so you will not be distracted from anything you are doing when the heating comes on.

With the controls, you can set the temperature that you are comfortable at, and as it is set on a thermostat, it will only come on when the temperature inside drops too low. The great thing about this is that you can be sure that your home will be comfortable and warm when you return home, and with thermostatic control, you can also save money on your heating costs.

While the costs of running a ducted heating system will vary from household to household, ExtrordinAir sells a variety of systems that have different star systems. The more energy-efficient, the less you will be paying in bills. You can also consciously think about when to use your system.

Residential & Commercial Ducted Heating Installations

ExtrordinAir will come and fit your ducted heating system. With twenty years of experience, we are the team to sort all your heating and cooling needs.

When you choose us, you can look forward to our clean split system installation and know that your home will be left as we found it.

Contact us today to find out more about our professional ducted heating installations, and we will help you to find the right system for your property and needs.

Upgrade To Our Gas Ducted Heater in Melbourne

Ducted heating is designed to heat your property in just one convenient system. It circulates air throughout your property using a heat exchanger, allowing you to safely control the temperature via a single control unit. You can set zones and timers in different parts of your building so you can keep a constant temperature in each area as you so wish.

Our split system installation process is carried out by knowledgeable and efficient technicians. They will create a network of ducts, custom made for your property, in either ceiling or the floor and a heating unit in the roof space or outside the property. Once installed, our Melbourne based gas ducted heating systems have benefited our clients in a few different ways:

Energy efficiency. Electricity powered heating can be very expensive to run in Melbourne, in contrast to gas. This is because gas ducted heating only needs to turn on if the temperature drops below your desired setting, which optimises efficiency and actually makes it a more eco-conscious option.

Time Saving. Gas ducted systems are able to move heated air efficiently and quickly between rooms.

Comfortable working or living spaces. The benefits of a quick heating system mean that you can have great control over your rooms to provide instant warmth when you need it without drying out or otherwise irritating your skin.

Health and Safety. There are no flames or fumes used in ducted gas heating which means it is one of the safest options for homes and businesses.

We supply and install ducted heating systems using products that are guaranteed to be robust, durable and effective. We also service previously installed systems across the whole of Melbourne, with the same dedication to good quality materials and great service.

That’s also the case if your previously installed system is faulty right now. Give us a call now if you need someone to come and carry out a quick repair. We have a 24-hour response service, which means whenever you are without heating, we are here to help!

Professional Ducted Heating in Melbourne: Get a FREE Quote Today!

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in installing, repairing and maintaining gas ducted heating in Melbourne, we believe that we should be your first port of call.

Our team of engineers are fully trained, licenced and insured and we are a trusted company throughout the area. We’re known for the quality of our installations, the reliability of our repairs and the consistency of our maintenance programs and you can rest assured that any work we carry out is fully guaranteed. We can design and install ducted heating for both residential and commercial properties in Melbourne and you’ll find that we’re also very competitively priced. The price we give you is the price you will pay – there are no hidden costs.

So, whether you need a ducted heating service, a ducted heating unit replacementor you’d like to hear more about our gas ducted heating installationservice, we’d love to hear from you. We offer a free no-obligation quote via the online form on our website, or you can call us if you wish to discuss your needs further. Many homes and businesses throughout the Melbourne area have benefitted from choosing ExtrordinAir for their gas ducted heating installation and you can do so too. Plus, we’re here for all your heating needs in the future, whether that’s for repairs or servicing.

Choose a ducted heating expert in Melbourneyou can trust. Choose ExtrordinAir!

We like to be upfront about what our service costs. That’s why you’ll find no expensive surprises on your bill and full transparency when it comes to how we break down our costs. You can even find out how much you can expect to pay right now. Fill in our simple quote request form online now or give us a call and we’ll offer you a free quote with no obligation! Get in contact now! Read Less

Ducted Heating Service & Repairs in Melbourne

A ducted heating system is an efficient way to heat your entire home, and with regular servicing, you can help to ensure that your heating is working for when you need it most. However, there are times when your system may go wrong, and ExtrordinAir is here to help.

At ExtrordinAir, our team are experts in ducted heating systems, and we can supply, install and service ducted heating systems in both residential and commercial properties. If you are looking for ducted heating repairs in Melbourne, look no further than ExtrordinAir, for our expertise and to get your system working again.

When Do You Need a Professional Ducted Heating Repair?

It may seem like problems always occur at the most inconvenient times, such as at the start of winter. You may go to put your heating on because the outside temperatures have dropped, and your home is starting to feel a little chilly, yet the system will not work.

One of the reasons for any sort of ducted air conditioning in Melbourne is because it has different components that need to work in harmony with each other.

A ducted heating system works by taking in the colder air and warming it up to the desired temperature, which is then put into the different rooms throughout the home through ducts. Once the heated air has been put into the room, it is then returned to the vents where it is then reheated.

A ducted heating system usually includes:

  • A heating unit that is usually placed inside your roof or outside.
  • A thermostat so that you can control the temperature in your home.
  • Ducts, grilles and vents so that heat can be taken from the heating unit and dispersed throughout the home.

If one component goes wrong, then the whole system may need a ducted heating service from a trusted expert who can fix the problem for you.

At ExtrordinAir, we get to the bottom of your professional ducted heating service in Melbourne and offer you a solution.

What Are The Average Running Costs of Ducted Heating?

The running costs of ducted heating will significantly depend on your usage; how frequently the ducted gas heater is turned on and what settings are used. It is possible to keep your costs low by consciously using your heater and paying attention to its energy star rating.

In Melbourne, all ducted gas heaters are supplied with an energy star rating label. These provide details of the amount of gas each unit will consume over a normal winter and outlines the heater’s running cost in terms of annual energy usage. The higher the star rating, the more efficient the gas ducted heater is and more money you may save on running costs. On average, an increase of one star means energy savings of approximately 10 percent!

What Are The Benefits of Ducted Gas Heating Installation at Home?

By installing gas ducted heating in your property, you gain the ability to regulate your indoor temperature with ease. Ducted heating is quiet, you won’t be bothered by loud sounds or humming when it’s turned on and you can easily adjust the settings to suit your comfort level. It also won’t take up much indoor space or be an eyesore in your home as the unit is installed in discrete spaces like your roof or outside. This efficient gas heating solution is the best way to ensure your entire home is warm and comfortable.

Save Energy

In Melbourne, we are seeing the rising costs of electricity which means gas is a cheaper alternative. With a gas ducted heating system, it turns on only when your home drops below the temperature you have chosen to set it on so it’s only using energy when your home gets colder than this and it’s not constantly running.

Save Time

Gas ducted heating systems heat quickly because they move the heat from one area to another and then re-heat the areas returning the air to the rooms in your home.


You get instant warmth and you can heat particular rooms if you choose to have a zoning system. It also doesn’t create a lot of drafts, it’s not drying to your skin and also provides heating without eye or skin irritation.


Ducted gas heating doesn’t have flames, fumes, hot surfaces or power chords which means it’s a safe heating alternative for Melbourne homes and families. 

If you’re ready for gas ducted heating installation weather you’re building or you want to add it to your current home, contact us today.

Use Zoning To Save Energy and Costs

Experience cost and energy savings with ducted heating. A major advantage of having control over your whole-of-house system is that you can adjust settings and ensure your ducted gas heating is only running in the rooms you need it in. Choose, or upgrade to a higher energy star rating to maximise your savings by reducing your energy consumption and your bills!

Why Extrordinair Ducted Heating?

A local Melbourne ducted heating provider, Extrordinair supply, install and maintain heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial properties. Extrordianir covers metropolitan Melbourne areas and guarantees all parts and labour. We are your reputable, trusted choice when it comes to creating a more comfortable home environment with quality heating. We’re experts in ducted heating installation, evaporative cooling, reverse cycle and air conditioning as well. 

Contact us today to speak to our brilliant Melbourne customer service team about instillation of ducting heating or cooling systems. 

How much does it cost to install ducted heating in Melbourne?

The cost of gas ducted heating installation depends on many factors. It can range from $5,000 up to $10,000. There are also various sizes of the heating systems, which means the size of your home will determine what size heating capacity system you’ll need. 

For example, the larger the area of the floor your home has then the larger capacity the heater will need to be. And if your house has more than one story, then you’ll need vertical ducting which adds to the cost of installation. 

Furthermore, if you have high ceilings, then your heating system needs to generate more heat to ensure it maintains a comfortable temperature in your home so you’ll need a higher capacity heater. 

And finally, the amount of windows in your home makes a difference because the heat gets lost through windows. It’s one of the main factors of heat loss in a house. Which means when installing central gas heating, the windows need to get accounted for as well when it comes to determining the accurate capacity unit.

Enjoy Both Heating and Cooling with A Split System

Heat and cool your rooms as needed with a wall-mounted split system or ducted split air conditioner. Similar to ducted heating, a ducted air conditioning system has an internal unit installed in the roof space with the addition of a condenser located outside. It’s an excellent way to enjoy both heating cooling in one system. 

From this central location in the roof, a series of ducts run into as many rooms in the house as the owner desires. These ducts allow you to cool or heat the whole home or each room individually when zoning. Wall-mounted split systems offer individual heating or cooling and are a great option for Melbourne apartments, townhouses or individual areas. The benefits of any split system are ease of heating or cooling from the one system.

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