Rinnai Air Conditioning Service, Repair and Installation in Melbourne

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Rinnair air conditioning system installation is an important step in ensuring the long-term performance and energy efficiency of your cooling system. A properly installed Rinnai air conditioner can make a significant difference in reducing energy costs, increasing comfort levels, and promoting better indoor air quality. An experienced professional should be consulted before installing any kind of AC system to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

When selecting Rinnai service centre professionals, make sure that they have the necessary expertise and qualifications to properly install your Rinnai AC system.

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    Properly trained technicians know how to size a unit correctly for maximum efficiency and safety. They should also be aware of local building codes, regulations, and safety standards as they pertain to Rinnai air conditioning systems in Melbourne.

    Proper installation requires more than just connecting the components of an AC system. It also involves properly sealing and insulating ducts, hoses, and other components to ensure optimal performance. The technician should also inspect all parts of the system before Rinnai heating and cooling service begins to make sure everything is in good working order.

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    Rinnai Ducted Heating Service, Repair and Installation

    Welcome to Extrordinair, your trusted partner in maintaining the optimal performance and efficiency of your Rinnai gas heaters. With our expert team of technicians and years of experience, we are dedicated to ensuring that your heating systems operate flawlessly, providing you with the comfort and warmth you deserve.

    Our Rinnai Heater Services in Melbourne

    Heater Inspection and Tune-Up: Regular maintenance is the key to a long-lasting and efficient heating system. Our thorough inspections and tune-ups optimise performance and prevent potential issues.

    Heater Repairs: If your Rinnai heater is experiencing any problems, our skilled technicians will quickly diagnose the issue and provide reliable repairs to restore its functionality.

    Gas Leak Detection and Repair: Safety is paramount when dealing with gas heaters. Our team at the Rinnai service centre is trained to detect and address gas leaks promptly, ensuring your peace of mind.

    Filter Replacement: Clean filters are crucial for maintaining air quality and efficiency. We will replace filters as needed to ensure your Rinnai heater operates at its best.

    Don’t wait until the cold becomes unbearable or your heater breaks down completely. Schedule your Rinnai Heater Service in Melbourne today and let our experts take care of your heating system. Regular maintenance and timely Rinnai heater repairs will not only keep you warm but also save you from costly breakdowns in the long run.

    Give us a call or reach out to our friendly customer support team to schedule your Rinnai gas heater service repair appointment. We are here to answer your questions and provide the best solutions to meet your heating needs. Experience the difference of a well-maintained Rinnai heater in Melbourne and stay warm throughout the colder months!

    At Extrordinair, we provide professional services for all your air conditioning needs involving the top brands like Bonaire , Rinnai , Stadt , and Toshiba . Our experienced technicians are trained to handle all types of ducted heating installation , repairs, and maintenance. We guarantee you the highest quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your home cool!

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    Christine & Adam

    Very friendly staff, have recommended to our friends.


    Many thanks for the service, advise Extrordinair that I shall look for more jobs with relatives and friends for them, this was my own personal one.


    The split kept us cool and comfortable in summer, a difficult job carried out with great professionalism.

    Prof. Graham

    Thank you for accommodating our particular requirements/requests and for being interested in our level of satisfaction.

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