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Evaporative Cooling Service Melbourne

At Extrodinair, we have an experienced evaporative cooling repairs and service technicians team who handle repairs and maintain the cooling and heating systems at the highest standard. 

So if you need evaporative cooling repairs, service or maintenance then call us today.

Evaporative Cooling Systems Melbourne 

An evaporative cooling system doesn’t have many moving parts which means they don’t often break. However, they benefit from thorough maintenance. The system is an environment which is warm and also wet, so if left unmaintained, then its the perfect place for bacteria and mould to set in. 

On top of this, if you don’t get evaporative cooling servicing then sometimes it can get clogged with dust and can eventually be the cause of a fire. 

We recommend having your Melbourne evaporative system cleaned and maintained yearly. And if there are any problems, then we handle all repairs as well. 

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How do evaporative coolers work?

Evaporated coolers are effective, environmentally friendly and economical as well, which makes evaporative cooling systems an excellent choice as a cooling system for your home. In saying this, an evaporative cooling system is suitable for areas that have natural ventilation and not in confined or sealed spaces. 

Evaporative cooling works by using the power of evaporation to cool down the air temperature. Did you know that when water evaporates, it changes into gas? During this process, the particles leave the water, which leads to a drop in temperature. So in a dry area, evaporation can help lower the temperature of the air. 

Which is what an evaporative cooling system does; it takes the evaporation to lower the air temperature in a home effectively. 

  • The evaporative cooling machine has a fan, a cooling pad and an area where it holds water along with controls for the process. 
  • The fan gets dry and hot air into the system and draws it across the cooler pads.
  • The pads absorb the water, and as the hot air crosses along them, the water on the surface evaporates which lets the air temperature inside the evaporative cooling area to drop.
  • The fan then blows this cold air into your home. 

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling 

Clean Air

Evaporative air which circulates through your home is clean and fresh air because when it distributes air from the outside, it filters out any harmful particles and dust. Which means it’s an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies. 

Environmentally friendly

Using evaporative air cooling is energy efficient, which means it’s better for the environment. It releases less carbon dioxide than other heating and cooling systems, and it’s a preferably natural way of keeping your home fresh. 

Energy efficient

Unlike other heating cooling systems, evaporative air systems only need electricity to run the fan and water pump. Which means it uses far less power than other heating cooling options like split systems and far less than ducted heating as well. So you can keep your house fresh during the summer months using far less energy. 

Melbourne Evaporative Cooling Service 

If you’re looking for fresh cool air throughout the Melbourne summer then for evaporative cooling to work at its best, it needs to get cleaned and maintained. Which means you need a regular evaporated cooling service team to ensure your cooler is working well. 

The inside parts such as the pads, fan, blades and screens, need to have maintenance to ensure there isn’t a build-up of mould and bacteria. In saying this, other heating and cooling systems such as split systems also need to get cleaned and maintained, but servicing evaporative cooling does need to happen more regularly. 

If you need a service evaporative cooler team, then ours are experienced, skilled and knowledgable. We can ensure your evaporative cooling is running at its best for you so you can stay cool throughout the Melbourne summer. 

Evaporative cooling service

  • Remove filter pads and clean to remove all particles like dirt, dust and any other debris
  • Check the functionality of the water pump
  • Check the drain valves for functionality and leaks
  • Check the water tank
  • Check your roof and drain pipe 
  • Check the water distribution across the filter pads to ensure it’s even
  • Check the functionality of the fan
  • Check all airflow areas to ensure you’re getting the correct amount 
  • Check the overall functionality of the system 

Evaporative Cooling Repairs

If we’ve done our full maintenance and service and we find there are problems, then we offer complete repairs of evaporative cooling systems. Our repairs cover all areas of the cooling system, and we can do repairs throughout all suburbs of Melbourne. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: How often should evaporative cooling be serviced?


We recommend yearly as a minimum to ensure clean air, and it will also save you the hassle of repairs if you get a regular service done. 

Question: Do evaporative coolers need servicing?


The answer is yes, to keep the coolers running at their best, a service once a year is recommended. 

Question: How do you service an evaporative cooler


An evaporative cooling service covers all areas of the internal components of the system, checking the outside areas as well to ensure it can work at its best and also cleaning all areas. We provide a complete and thorough service evaporative cooling job. 

Question: Is evaporative cooling good for Melbourne?


Evaporated cooling relies on outside air, and they’re best suited for cooling in dry heat. Which means a Melbourne summer is an excellent climate as our summers are a drier heat rather than humid. 

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