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Air Conditioner Repair/Service in South Morang

Summertime means lots of barbecues, pool parties and outdoor fun. However, without a reliable air conditioner, all that pleasure can come to a screeching halt.

An air conditioner repair may seem like an inconvenience, but having a functional unit is crucial for keeping our homes comfortable during hot days. Not only does it help to maintain the room’s temperature, but it also promotes indoor air quality and reduces the chance of a breakdown, which can be costly.

A yearly air conditioning maintenance check can easily detect minor issues and help keep your AC unit running smoothly. Don’t let a minor repair turn into a significant issue. It’s important to schedule a ducted air conditioning installation in South Morang the moment you notice any trouble with your unit.

Trust us; your future self will thank you when you’re enjoying a refreshing indoor oasis while the sun beats on outside.

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    Ducted Gas Heater Service South Morang

    Ducted Gas Heater Service & Replacement in South Morang

    It’s easy to take our ducted gas heaters for granted until the winter months roll around and we’re left shivering in our homes.

    That’s why ensuring the proper maintenance and replacement of these heaters is of utmost importance. Not only can a faulty heater leave you feeling uncomfortable, but it can also be a safety hazard for you and your loved ones.

    By staying on top of inspections and ducted heating installation when necessary, you can have peace of mind knowing that your household is warm and secure during the colder months.

    Don’t let a malfunctioning heater leave you out in the cold – prioritize ducted heater replacement in South Morang today.

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    Split System Installation in South Morang

    Split system installation is an important process that requires the expertise of a professional. At Extrordinair, we strive to provide our customers with quality service and satisfaction.

    By following our step-by-step process, you can be sure that your split system will be up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

    The first step of the installation process is to purchase the split system. The size and type of the unit you need will depend on your specific requirements, such as the size and layout of your home or office. Once you’ve made your selection, our team will conduct a site survey to determine where the system should be located for maximum efficiency.

    The next step is to install both the indoor and outdoor units. This includes connecting the two units with pipes and wiring, as well as mounting the outdoor unit to an exterior wall.

    Our team of experts will ensure that all work is carried out with precision and care in order to maintain the highest safety standards.

    Once installation is complete, our technicians will test the system for proper operation and make any necessary adjustments. They will also provide you with a demonstration of the system’s functions and answer any questions that you have about its use.

    Our experienced team is dedicated to providing quality service and satisfaction. We take pride in our work, so rest assured that your split system installation will be carried out according to the highest standards.

    Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started on your installation project.

    Split System Installation South Morang

    Evaporative Cooling Services South Morang

    Evaporative Cooling Services/Repair in South Morang

    Evaporative cooling service providers offer a range of services aimed at keeping these systems operating effectively:

    Regular Maintenance: Routine maintenance is crucial to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits, algae, and debris that can affect the system’s efficiency. Professionals can clean the cooling pads, inspect water distribution systems, and ensure proper airflow.

    Pad Replacement: Over time, cooling pads can become worn or damaged, affecting the cooling efficiency. Service technicians can replace old pads with new ones to maintain optimal performance.

    Water Treatment: Evaporative coolers rely on a continuous supply of water. Professionals can install and maintain water treatment systems to prevent mineral buildup and ensure the water used in the cooling process is clean and safe.

    Motor and Fan Inspection: The motor and fan are critical components of the system. Technicians can inspect and lubricate these parts, ensuring smooth operation and preventing potential breakdowns.

    Pump Maintenance: The water pump is responsible for circulating water through the cooling pads. Regular checks and maintenance can prevent pump malfunctions and extend its lifespan.

    Repair Services

    When issues arise with an evaporative cooling system, repair services become essential:

    Airflow Problems: If the cooler isn’t producing sufficient airflow, it can result in reduced cooling efficiency. Repair technicians can diagnose and fix airflow issues caused by clogged ducts, fan problems, or obstructions.

    Water Leakage: Leaks can occur due to damaged water lines, faulty valves, or improper installation. Professionals can identify the source of the leak and perform necessary repairs.

    Motor and Fan Malfunctions: A malfunctioning motor or fan can lead to uneven cooling or complete system failure. Expert technicians can repair or replace these components as needed.

    Control Panel and Thermostat Issues: Faulty control panels and thermostats can lead to inaccurate temperature readings or erratic system behaviour. Repair services can address these electronic components.

    Evaporative cooling services and repairs in South Morang play a vital role in maintaining the functionality and efficiency of these cooling systems. By entrusting these tasks to skilled technicians, individuals can enjoy consistent and cost-effective cooling while ensuring the longevity of their cooling systems.

    Need of ducted heating service Croydon, evaporative cooling service Endeavour Hills, or ducted air conditioning Essendon. Don’t worry we got you covered. We provide all brand service, replacement and installation at lowest cost from highly trained professionals.

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      Many thanks for the service, advise Extrordinair that I shall look for more jobs with relatives and friends for them, this was my own personal one.


      The split kept us cool and comfortable in summer, a difficult job carried out with great professionalism.

      Prof. Graham

      Thank you for accommodating our particular requirements/requests and for being interested in our level of satisfaction.

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