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Air Conditioner Repair/Service in Wheelers Hill

As much as we rely on our trusty air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable during the sweltering summer months, sometimes they need a little TLC themselves.

From strange noises to inadequate cooling, any air conditioner issue can throw a wrench in your daily routine. That’s where air conditioner repair in Wheelers Hill comes in – the experts who can diagnose and fix whatever is ailing your A/C unit so you can get back to living your best life, temperature-wise.

Sure, you could attempt a DIY fix, but why risk damaging your unit further or putting yourself in harm’s way? Trust the professionals at Extrordinair to get your ducted air conditioning system back in tip-top shape and restore your peace of mind.

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    Ducted Gas Heater Replacement Wheelers Hill

    Ducted Gas Heater Service & Replacement in Wheelers Hill

    During a ducted gas heater replacement service, a professional HVAC technician or contractor typically provides a range of services to ensure that your old or malfunctioning ducted heating system is safely and efficiently replaced with a new one. Here’s what is typically included in a ducted gas heater replacement:

    Assessment and Evaluation: The technician will start by assessing your existing ducted gas heating system to determine its condition and whether it can be repaired or if replacement is the better option.

    Sizing and Selection: If replacement is recommended, the technician will help you select a new ducted gas heater that is appropriately sized for your space and heating needs. Proper sizing ensures efficient heating and optimal performance.

    Removal of the Old Heater: The existing ducted gas heater will be carefully disconnected and removed from your HVAC system, including the furnace unit and associated components.

    Installation of the New Heater: The new ducted gas heater is installed in the same location as the old one. This involves connecting it to the existing ductwork, gas lines, and electrical systems.

    Duct Inspection and Sealing: The technician may inspect and, if necessary, seal any leaks or gaps in the ductwork to ensure efficient heating and prevent heat loss.

    Ventilation and Safety Checks: Proper ventilation is crucial for gas heating systems. The technician will check the ventilation system to ensure it is functioning correctly and safely.

    Gas Line Connection: If required, the technician will connect the new gas heater to the gas supply line, ensuring that it is leak-free and properly regulated.

    Electrical Connections: Wiring and electrical connections will be made to ensure the new heater operates safely and efficiently.

    Thermostat Installation: If a new thermostat is part of the replacement, it will be installed, configured, and tested for accuracy and functionality.

    It’s important to hire a qualified and licensed HVAC professional from Extrordinair for ducted heating service in Wheelers Hill to ensure the safe and proper installation of your heating system. This will help you enjoy reliable and efficient heating while minimizing safety risks.

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    Split System Installation in Wheelers Hill

    Split system installation is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to keep your home comfortable, regardless of the weather outside. With split system air conditioning, you can control both the temperature and humidity of your home all year round. Split systems are extremely efficient, minimizing energy consumption while providing superior cooling and heating performance. Not only are they great for keeping your home comfortable, but they also reduce noise levels and help to keep your home a healthy environment.

    Split system installation in Wheelers Hill is a great way to get the most out of your air conditioning system, without spending too much money. They don’t require extensive wiring or ductwork, and can usually be installed in just one day. In addition, split systems are made from durable materials that can withstand the elements, ensuring your system will last for years to come. With regular maintenance and proper installation, your split system can provide reliable heating and cooling year-round.

    Evaporative Cooling Services/Repair in Wheelers Hill

    When it comes to evaporative cooling, we have the expertise and experience needed to make sure your home or business stays cool. We provide services such as installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement for all types of evaporative cooling systems.

    Our team is highly trained and certified in working with a variety of makes and models, so you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. We take pride in offering professional and courteous service that is tailored to meet your needs. With our comprehensive evaporative cooling services, you can rest assured that your home or business will stay comfortable all year round. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your space cool and comfortable!

    Need of ducted gas heater replacement Ashwood, air conditioning Aspendale, or split system installation Bentleigh. Don’t worry we got you covered. We provide all brand service, replacement and installation at lowest cost from highly trained professionals.

    Split System Installation Wheelers Hill

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      Many thanks for the service, advise Extrordinair that I shall look for more jobs with relatives and friends for them, this was my own personal one.


      The split kept us cool and comfortable in summer, a difficult job carried out with great professionalism.

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