When To Replace Your Ducted Heating Unit

//When To Replace Your Ducted Heating Unit

When To Replace Your Ducted Heating Unit

Ducted heating is one of the most efficient and dependable means of keeping you warm and comfortable during the cool winter months. It can be frustrating and inconvenient, therefore, if you’re heating breaks down or fails to work as well as it should do. Consequently, you need to know when a ducted heating unit replacement is best and there are several ways to determine this.

Your System is Getting Old

Old age in itself isn’t the reason for replacing your heating unit but it’s definitely a contributing factor. You can prolong the life of a heating unit by buying a top quality one and keeping it well maintained, but even that will eventually begin to fail.

A ducted heating replacement is normally necessary after fifteen years or so although this may be longer or shorter depending on the quality, how well it’s been looked after and the amount of use it’s endured. All old heaters won’t have the modern features of later units, such as wireless controls, zoning and adjustable fan speeds. And, if they do go wrong, it may be increasingly difficult to get spare parts and repairs may become more expensive.

Repair Costs are Increasing

Breakdowns are an inevitable fact of life and, in the case of heating systems, can cause discomfort as well as inconvenience. You can reduce the level of breakdowns by buying a quality heater that will last much longer than inferior versions and then by looking after it properly. Even then, breakdowns will inevitably occur at some point during a system’s life.

The time for ducted gas heater replacement is generally when these breakdowns are becoming too frequent, and the cost of repairs is increasing. Although it may be nice to get to know your local heating technician well, it’s not a good sign for a heating system. And older systems have the possibility of leakages that may endanger your health.

It is perfectly possible to replace most of the components in a heating system but, if the heat exchanger fails, that tends to be the end of the line. Installing a completely new heating unit is really the only cost-effective option but it will at least mean that costly repair bills are put off for a few years with a new warranty in place. Existing ducting, vents and other components will not need replacing so the cost is limited.

Efficiency is Reducing

Regular maintenance will keep a heating system at peak efficiency and that will be high for a top-quality unit. However, despite your best endeavours, the efficiency will be less over the years, especially when compared to newer systems.

You may notice that your bills are increasing even though your usage may seem to be the same. You may also feel that the same level of heat isn’t being produced and you aren’t as comfortable as previously. These are signs that you should be changing to a new and more efficient unit.

All the systems we offer are top quality, highly efficient and backed up by our comprehensive maintenance programme that will keep them working efficiently and without failure. They’ll save you money on running costs and reduced repair costs, keep you completely comfortable and be more environmentally friendly due to reduced emissions and better air quality.

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