Ducted Heating Updates & Repairs

If you are lucky enough to have ducted heating in your home, you will be enjoying steady temperatures as the air circulates through your house. These systems are great, but it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance and repair checks to keep it running efficiently. With a range of services, ducted cooling service Melbourneducted heating service, ducted heating unit replacement and more.

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If you can catch a problem before it occurs, it’s a much cheaper and more efficient way to deal with it. So many issues with ducted heating are due to inadequate maintenance. The problem grows quietly in the background, and before you know it, you have a very big (and expensive) issue to fix.

This can be very bad news if the heating breaks down in the winter. Many people have their system serviced every six months, but as soon as you notice that your system isn’t running as it should, call out an expert to fix the issue.

Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Some people prefer a professional to carry out all repairs, while others prefer to get hands on and do what they feel comfortable with. Either way, as long as you know what you are doing, you should not let problems go unnoticed. Cleaning or replacing air filters is a relatively straightforward job to do and should be conducted monthly to keep your system in tiptop condition.

Another thing to watch out for is to make sure the batteries in your thermostat are functioning – a sign might be the system is not producing enough heat. These are jobs that any homeowner can do once they know how.

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    When To Get The Professionals In

    The process of ducted heating is that it sucks in cold air from your house, and this is then passed over a heat exchanger where it is warmed up. The air is then directed back into the rooms of your house via vents in the ceiling or floor, warming the rooms up.

    Obviously, the ducted heating system is only operational when you turn it on, and it requires a pilot light and ignition mechanism to start it up. If you suspect there is an issue with the pilot light or ignition mechanism, you should not attempt to fix it yourself – you should call in an expert.

    Likewise, mechanical issues are usually beyond the skills of many homeowners, and you may risk damaging the unit unnecessarily. Just give one of our team members a call and we’ll be happy to take a look.


    Nothing lasts forever, even with regular maintenance. It could be that your system requires a replacement part to keep it operating as it should.

    This is money well spent, as small problems can often turn into much bigger ones. Likewise, it could be that the ducted system installed in your house needs upgrading to perform optimally.

    The team here at Extrordinair can advise you on your options for repairs and upgrades, based on your own personal requirements.

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