Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Air Conditioner For Your Home

Aussie summers can be extremely brutal. With temperatures soaring past 30 degrees Celsius, a proper air conditioning system is an absolute must. A good aircon at home can help break the heat so you can sleep more comfortably. Choosing the right aircon can, however, be challenging. There are quite a few different types of home cooling systems available and these units can vary quite a bit in size. In this guide, we are going to share some handy tips to help you find the right unit for your home.

What Type Of Air Conditioner Should You Get?

In most homes you can choose between four different types of air conditioning systems. These include the following;

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable aircons are a good option for tenants who are not allowed to or might not want to make permanent modifications to buildings. These aircons are usually freestanding with a drain and air pipe that needs to be placed through the window.Portable units are easy to take with you when you relocate and you can use them in any room. They are however bulky and can consume a lot of energy to run.

Split-Unit Air Conditioners

Split-unit air conditioners are the most common in residential units because they are relatively affordable to install and have a low running cost compared to portable units. These units usually feature an indoor unit that needs to be fitted high on a wall and an outdoor unit that is connected with pipes.

Split systems can sometimes be converted into multi-split units where two indoor units are connected to a single outdoor unit. This can be a good option for areas where two or three rooms are located within close proximity.

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    Ducted Air Conditioners

    Ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for families, because they are designed to cool down the entire home. With these units, the unit is positioned inside the ceiling and features lots of outlets in different rooms. This unit is inconspicuous and the pinnacle of air-conditioning.

    Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioners

    These cooling units are ideal for families who have plenty of allergies or medical conditions like asthma. The system is designed to clean the air by removing dust and allergens and keeps rooms wonderfully cool through an evaporation process. The units might not be suitable for high-humidity areas and require lots of maintenance. All of these are terrific aircons to consider for your home but since split units are the most affordable, efficient, and easy to maintain these might be the best for average residential homes.

    What Size Air Conditioner Do You Need?

    After deciding on the right type of aircon to get for your home, you will need to find a suitable size for each room. A simple calculation can be done to determine what air conditioning unit you need. In most cases, rooms under 20 square meters can be equipped with a 2 – 2.5kW unit. Rooms between 20 and 40 square meters will require a 2.5 – 5kW unit. Rooms that are 40 – 60 square meters should have 4 – 6 kW unit and larger rooms with a 60 – 80 square meter size should have something between 5 and 7 kW.

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