Why You Should Have Your Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning Completed Before Summer

Many of us are guilty of leaving things until the last minute, of waiting until it is too late before taking action. That can result in unnecessary inconvenience and extra cost because equipment that could have been easily repaired now needs to be replaced instead. This shouldn’t be the way you look after your air conditioning because, once the summer weather kicks in, there’s a high demand for air conditioning servicing in Melbourne so you might not get the prompt attention you need. This is why you should start to think about it sooner rather than later.

Preparing for Summer

Bear in mind that air conditioning is a significant investment and something that you rely on. So you need to plan and prepare rather than leaving everything to chance. And this needs to start before spring is too far advanced.

Air conditioning comprises a complex set of equipment that needs to be maintained by a professional. However, filters must be cleaned before the start of the season and at monthly intervals during it, and this is something you can do yourself.

The system takes in warm air, then cools and recirculates it. The air taken in may contain dust, pollen and other particles and the filters collect all that debris, so the air is kept pure and healthy. Over time, however, the filters become clogged, reducing the flow of air, making the system less efficient and increasing electricity bills as the system has to work harder.

Your system may have several filters so check the handbook for their numbers and locations. They may be disposable filters that have to be replaced periodically or can be cleaned with water if re-usable.

You should also be able to clean the outdoor condenser unit. It can easily become blocked with leaves, plants and other items so always make sure it’s clean and free of any obstructions that can prevent it from working efficiently.

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    Professional Help Needed

    Although you can do some basic cleaning yourself, air conditioning is too complex and sensitive for DIY maintenance. You really need the services of a professional technician once a year and preferably before the start of summer.

    When we carry out a regular service, we will:

    • thoroughly clean all units, including the filters
    • flush out where appropriate
    • check and tighten connections
    • clean vents and ductwork, checking and repairing leaks
    • cleans refrigerant levels and top up when necessary.

    Some of the most important elements of the annual service are that we inspect all components and check the operation of the system. Any defective items will be replaced, and we’ll identify those that we think may fail in the future. This will enable us to take corrective action early so that more serious problems will be averted, and expensive repairs avoided.

    Whilst you can clean your filters and the external features of some units, you need professional help from us to keep your system running efficiently. With our help, you can keep running costs to a minimum, always achieve maximum comfort and prolong the life of your system.

    We offer a range of services including:  split system air conditioning installation in Melbourne.

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