The Most Common Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Many people think that all air conditioning services in Melbourne are the same, but this could not be further from the truth. There are several different types of systems, all of which have their plus and minus points. Within each category, there are also higher and lower spec models. In this article we will look at the main types of systems, so that you can know which one is the right one for you.Services including: ducted heating Melbourneevaporative cooling service northern suburbs Melbourne – contact us!

Wall Hung Split/Multi Head Split Systems

The first type we will look at is what probably comes to mind when you think about domestic air conditioning systems – the Wall Hung Split or Multi Head Split system. These have one or more indoor units hung high onto the wall of your space and a compressor unit that is mounted outside on a wall or balcony.

These systems are designed with both heating and cooling functions and can condition the air in one room or multiple rooms depending on the piping set up. Despite being fairly common in domestic and commercial premises, they are not inexpensive to set up and install. However, they are more efficient than cheaper types and cheaper than ducted air conditioning.

Ducted Air Conditioning<

When you go and stay in a fancy hotel or visit a public venue, chances are you enjoy the lovely cool air circulating in the space, but you will not be able to see any wall mounted units. These spaces tend to invest in ducted air conditioning systems, or central air conditioning.

This system has an external condenser unit, and the fresh or warm conditioned air is passed through ducts to each room in the space. This is the Rolls Royce of air conditioning units but they are not usually installed in regular domestic premises due to the amount of modification required to run the vents through the ceilings.

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    Window Air Conditioners

    If you looking for a low budget option, or you’re renting a place, a window air conditioning unit might be the best choice for you. These used to be the default system for cooling and heating a room as they were designed as a single unit (with all elements contained in one box) and could be fitted into a window.

    This reduced the amount of modification required to install them, and renters could take the unit with them when they moved home. They may be suitable for smaller, individual rooms rather than a multi-space house, as they tend not to be very energy efficient.

    Portable Air Conditioners

    A versatile alternative to the window unit is the portable air conditioner. Forget a fan whirring in the corner of the room; these units have seen significant development over the years.

    There are simpler fan-like versions which really live up to the term “portable” and can be easily carried from room to room, and more complex ones that require a window kit to be fitted. There are two versions – single and double hose.

    Single hose versions, due to their design, actually pull in warm air from the rest of the house, whereas double hose ones draw air from outside. That being said, this type of system tends to be far less energy efficient than the others described above.

    These are just some of the options that are available. Call the team here at Extrordinair now for more information on which system would best suit your needs.

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