The Types of Cooling Systems

Choosing an air conditioning service in Melbourne can be a confusing business due to the many models and types that are available. But, since a system can be a big investment and is intended to make you more comfortable, it’s important you get it right.The type of system that’s best for you will depend on the features of your property and what you need from the system. We can advise you on the most appropriate type and help you choose from those available.

Types and Features

The main types of systems and their features are as follows:

  • Portable systems that are most appropriate for those living in small, rented accommodation where they can’t make structural changes. These are single, free-standing units that can be transferred to other properties and also moved between rooms.
    Some are single-hose models that draw warm air from the room, cool and distribute then vent the heat outside through the hose. The negative pressure that results draws in warm air from outside so double-hose versions are often better since the second hose draws in air to reduce negative air pressure. However, neither type is particularly efficient and they’re very limited.
  • Window air conditioners have a single unit that fits into a window and turns on and off automatically to maintain the required temperature. They tend to be inefficient but require little installation, are cheap to buy and can be moved to other properties.
  • Split systems are the most common type of air conditioner and have two main units — an external compressor that cools the air and an internal evaporative unit that distributes it. The latter may be free-standing, wall-mounted or ceiling suspended. There are also multi-head versions that have several internal units throughout the property to control the temperature in different rooms. Split system installation is more complex due to the need for piping and through-wall connections and so are more costly initially. However, they are much more flexible and cheaper to run so will prove to be a much better deal in the long term.
  • Ducted systems provide whole-house climate control since the external compressor is connected through the internal unit to vents in different rooms by a series of ducts. Although this involves more disruption during installation and space for the ducts, the finished system is hardly noticeable, with only the vents and controls being visible. A ducted system can be cheaper to install than a large multi-head split system and is cheaper to run as well as being the most comprehensive type.

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    Choosing the Perfect System for you

    Most systems can be provided as reverse cycle versions, which means they can be used for heating as well as cooling and so separate equipment is not needed. You can also obtain various controls to provide the flexibility you need.

    We’ll help you through the maze of options by assessing your needs and selecting the best system for you — right type, correct size and the features you require. We can also maintain the system throughout its life, so it gives you effective and reliable service. That will ensure you’re comfortable through the summer and all year round.

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